Magic Santa Letter was created with the intention to bring some extra magic to all the children and adults around the world at Christmas time. Whether fortunate or not so fortunate we wanted to help keep the magic alive at Christmas regardless of a child’s situation or their financial background.magic santa letter about

With this in mind we, as a family spent many months trying to piece together something we could provide to do just that at an affordable price for everyone. After lengthy planning and discussion we eventually realised that in the modern world so much of the Christmas magic has disappeared and been replaced with the impression that Christmas is all about expensive gifts and lots of presents. So we suddenly realised that we could bring back some of that magic by designing and providing personalised letters from Santa Claus which arrive in the post addressed to each individual child. But we thought we should take it a step further and rather than just send any old letter and envelope like many other website do we would make it our job to create our products with a true sense of authenticity, quality and include extra gifts such as our Magical Reindeer Food and our Good Child Certificate. We also thought we should not only allow you to partially personalise one of our ready made templates but allow you to fully personalise our “Truly Magical” Santa Letterwith your own magical message as sometimes its important to highlight great achievements children have conquered or even create invitations to Lapland.

So we’ve put all our ideas and efforts into Magic Santa Letter to create a unique magical Christmas moment in an envelope for not just the children in the UK but worldwide. With 3 children and many niece’s and nephew’s of our own we can assure you that your children will be spell bound when they receive one of our Magic Santa Letter’s. Dare we say it, but from the feedback we have received our letter’s have been the highlight for many children and families at Christmas. We are confident we can provide this for you and your children if you choose us to deliver a Magic Santa Letter to you this Christmas.

To find out which letter you would like to send visit our Home Page where we display and describe each one and what you’ll get. When you’ve made your mind up select your letter and follow our simple instructions to completion. None of our letter’s arrive with any kind of branding so if a child is suspicious of Santa Claus our letter’s won’t give the game away. Each of our letter’s also has our unique Santa Claus signature at the bottom. Because we feel the environment is precious we’ve also ensured that we are responsible printers by obtaining a Carbon Efficient certificate.

Everyone at Magic Santa Letter including Santa Claus and the Elves, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering using our magical moments and we hope you have a Christmas to remember. If you want to find out more head over to How It Works or our Questions page.

HO HO HO… Merry Christmas!

Lots of love,

“The Magic Santa Letter Team”