Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time

There’s something magical about putting your feet up, lighting the fire and indulging in Christmas movies but there are hundreds to choose from so we’ve put together our top 10 Christmas movies to help you enjoy the best!

elf movie10. Elf

Released in 2003, Elf is fast becoming a Christmas modern classic. Will Farrell plays ‘Buddy’ an over sized elf who accidentally arrived in the North Pole as a toddler that was raised to adulthood by Santa and his elves. With the never ending feeling that he doesn’t belong, Buddy travels to New York ,dressed as an elf, searching for his real father. When he finds his real father, played by James Caan, the hilarious chaos unfolds. This family orientated Christmas comedy is a must see for all ages and can be watched time after time with the same laughter inducing effects!



the polar express9. The Polar Express

Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis, teamed up in 2004 to create ‘The Polar Express’, an inspiring Christmas adventure based on the children’s book written by Chris Van Allsburg. A young boy, who’s belief in Santa Claus is doubted, embarks on a magical train ride to the North Pole of self-discovery and enlightenment. On his travels he meets some interesting children, elves, reindeer and Santa Claus. Needless to say, the boys belief is restored and finds out that the wonder of life never fades as long as you retain belief. This is a treat for all the family, especially the young doubters out there.



letter from santa8. Dear Santa

Although this film is originally a ‘TV’ movie, its one of our favorites as it helped inspire Magic Santa Letter’s success. Released in 2011, this Christmas romantic drama must be watched. Crystal, a privileged 30 something American woman, is only familiar with spending her life shopping using her wealthy parents money until one day, her parents inform her that they will cut off all access to the money unless she makes something of herself by the approaching Christmas. Crystal stumbles upon a letter written to Santa by a seven year old girl, asking for a new wife for her widowed father and desperately hoping for a letter from Santa. Crystal decides to hunt the pair down in the hope to bring some happiness into their lives hoping this will create the life she needs.



the nightmare before christmas7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Although an unusual and unique master piece, Tim Burton and Henry Selicks’s stop motion film; ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas”, 20 years later is still a top seller and for good reasons. The story follows Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king, Jack Skellington, who has become bored of scaring people in the ‘real world’ year after year. Jack accidentally stumbles upon ‘Christmastown’ and gets a spring in his step. He plots to get Christmas under his control by kidnapping Santa Claus but he quickly discovers that even his devious plans are set to fail. This spooky Christmas tale is a winner for all however, take caution when little ones are about as the may have a nightmare before Christmas themselves!



national lampoons christmas vacation6. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The third sequel to ‘Vacation’ is pitch perfect. Christmas is always filled with joy and nightmares and this definitely defines the latter. With the holidays approaching, Clark Griswold (Chevvy Chase) dreams of the perfect family Christmas and hassles his wife and children to make sure all the house and tree decorations are in place however, things get awry very quickly. Clark’s hick cousin, Eddie, and his family turned up unannounced and live out of their camper on the Griswold’s garden. With this, a sewerage issue and a Christmas bonus that goes sour, Clark’s Christmas vacation goes pear shaped in a hilariously big way!



home alone5. Home Alone

Released in 1990, Home Alone set Macaulay Culkin’s career up. Macaulay plays Kevin McCallister, a bratty 8-year-old who plays up on the night before a family trip to Paris, so is told by his mother to sleep in the attic as a punishment. Kevin awakens the following morning to find an empty house as his family have mistakenly left for the airport without him. Initially he is over joyed at the idea of having no family to hassle him, but quickly his happiness sours when he discovers two con men are planning to rob the McCallister household. He decides to take it into his own hands and protect the family home, leading to some wonderful and hilarious outcomes.



miracle on 34th street4. Miracle on 34th Street

This 1994 remake of the original 1947 version is just magical. A six-year-old Susan, played by Mara Wilson, is skeptical of the Christmas myth around Santa Claus, a trait she has picked up from her mother, Dorey. Dorey is asked to hire someone to play the role of Santa at a Christmas event, and hires a man with a curious name of ‘Kris Kringle’ (Richard Attenborough) who claims to be the real Santa himself. His claims are met with threats and disbelief, but a young lawyer, along with Susan and Dorey, fights his defense to prove that Kris Kringle is indeed, the REAL Santa Claus. This is a pure touch of Christmas magic and wonder that’s suitable for all.



muppets christmas carol3. The Muppets Christmas Carol

A Muppets classic! The Muppets perform their wonderful version of the classic Dickens Christmas tale, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Kermit the Frog plays Bob Cratchit, the clerk of the Stingy Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Cane). Throughout the film other muppets; Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Sam the Eagle, pop in and out of the story whilst Scrooge eerily gets visits from spirits of three Christmases – past, present and future. The spirits show him the errors of his tight selfish ways, but the miserable old man initially seems to be beyond any hope of redemption. The film boast an array of comedy, spookiness, magic and life lessons. It rightly deserves its place on the podium.


rudolf the red nose reindeer2. Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

Originally released as a TV film back in 1964, this stop motion animagic version of the classic Christmas tale is worthy in any household. Although Rudolf’s nose squeak is one of the most wicked things ever brought to film, this film is masterfully cheerful, heartwarming and down right bizarre. The film tells the story of Rudolf and how he was cast away from his family but manages to prove himself along with the help from Hermey, a mis fit elf who was forced out of his job as he was more interested in dentistry. In conclusion Santa recognizes Rudolf’s shiny nose and decides to place him at the front of the pack after all. You must see this at least once in your lifetime!