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Dear First Name

Well, what a year 2017 has been First Name! Here at the North Pole we had some big changes, the reindeer have 2 new baby calves to look after, the elves bought me a mobile phone which has been very tricky to work and we had to build a new sleigh as the old one was falling to pieces. We also had so many good children to deliver presents to this year, it was exhausting!

I heard from the elves that in 2017 you Achievement, this is such an great thing to have done and I am so proud of you. It was great to hear that you had been such a good Boy or Girl so I could deliver your presents to your home in Hometown/Village Name, especially the Present/Gift you asked me for. I hope you managed to find them in the ROOM where I left them?

I am really looking forward to 2018, Mrs Claus and I have a holiday booked in the Bahamas during the summer and I just can’t wait. The reindeer are looking forward to roaming through the woodland and the elves are excited to have some well deserved time off, I couldn’t do it with out them. You lovely children do keep us all very busy!

I’d better go now First Name, I must go and collect some more firewood. Remember to keep up the good behavior throughout 2018 and be kind to everyone. The elves and I will be secretly checking in form time to time to see how you are getting on. Until next Christmas…

Happy new year to you and your family,

Happy New Year From Santa


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