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Dear First Name

Well, what a Christmas its been First Name! I was talking to Mrs CIaus and the elves over dinner last night talking about all the good boys and girls we delivered present to on Christmas Eve, what a busy night we had! It was a little windy on the way to your home in Present/Gift so we had a really bumpy ride so thanks for leaving out the Santa Treat for me, Rudolf also love the Rudolf Treat you left for him. What a good Boy or Girl you are!

Mrs Claus had our Christmas dinner ready for when I arrived back from delivering presents to your home in Hometown/Village Name, it was the best one she’s made for decades. I even had more than one plateful! I hope you had a magical Christmas dinner and I really hope you like the gifts I gave to you, especially the Present/Gift I delivered? I just love knowing all you wonderful children are happily playing with your new gifts.

I am really looking forward to spending time with Mrs Claus and going on some sledge rides with the reindeer to collect wood for the fire. It gets so cold here on the North Pole this time of year!I bet you can’t wait to see your friend Friends Name, to share all the exciting stories you have to tell them about your Christmas. Please tell Friends Name I said hello.

I’d better go now as I am so tired from all the traveling I have been doing delivering presents around the world. Remember to keep behaving and be kind to everyone, although Christmas is over the elves and I will be secretly checking in from time to time to make sure you are being good.

Happy new year to you and your family,

An After Christmas Santa Letter


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