Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time

There’s something magical about putting your feet up, lighting the fire and indulging in Christmas movies but there are hundreds to choose from so we’ve put together our top 10 Christmas movies to help you enjoy the best! 10. Elf Released in 2003, Elf is fast becoming a Christmas modern classic. Will Farrell plays ‘Buddy’ an over sized elf who accidentally arrived in the North Pole as a toddler that was raised to adulthood by Santa and his elves. With the never ending feeling that he doesn’t belong, Buddy travels to New York ,dressed as an elf, searching for his… Read More »

The Story Of Mistletoe, Christmas Trees & Other Christmas Traditions

The Original Traditions Of Our 5 Favorite Christmas Symbols Christmas is the season to be jolly, joyful and selfless however, we also harness a number of Christmas traditions that we sometimes don’t understand what its purpose is or how it became a year-on-year habit. Ever wondered why we kiss under mistletoe? Lets find out!